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Back in Fat.

Okay--I'm fat again.

There. I've said it.

Yes, it's been creeping up on me for about 6 years. Starting with a gig writing travel articles during which which I indulged in vast and lengthy complimentary dinners of shrimp and rice and pralines and cream and oyster sandwiches and gained two pounds, which kicked me out of the "at-goal Lifetime" program of Weight Watchers and landed me on the "paid lifetime" program of Weight Watchers, which eventually led me to get a job with Weight Watchers, under the delusion that the fate of my employment rested with getting my weight down, which ultimately led to another 6 pounds out of corporate spite (I'm a Weight Watchers' leader and a fitness instructor--how could I possibly be considered fat??). Why, I still fit in my skinny jeans! I've just moved up a bra size, which got me a lot of free drinks. Nothin' wrong with that?!

Except that, with my genetic legacy, it's: tiny little butt; big ol' gut.…

Mad Hatters

Some elements of surprise during my costume design class: that my students had a good time and that they came up with some very interesting surprises.

I tell my students that I don't particularly like children in general, so if they're going to act like children, I'm not the teacher for them. This sounds rather harsh, even to me. But I suspect that young women of this age don't want to be treated like children, so this actually works out well for all of us. Whew! In return, they're willing to indulge my requests to draw their faces without looking at their paper; to abandon an idea that seems like a little old lady going to lunch with the Red Hat Society would think "was real cute."

Now. As for design: All found objects and hats from the thriftstore. Hot glue. Wire. A bag of balloons. Fabric remnants. Newspaper. Needle and thread. Duct tape. An old rabbit fur coat that I found in someone's garbage. Umbrellas. A crochet hook. A pot of lemonade. Fancy coo…