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The Secret--Recycled Wisdom for Second Hand Shopping

Yeah--I watched the video version of The Secret and kinda totally loved it. What of it?
And yeah--I know it was a kind of pop-psych pap-so?
But you know, when you start really buying it--when you start thinking "Yes! The Universe will align itself with my desires if I can just put out enough positive vibrations!!" Well, it can open up all sorts of cans of worms. Such as: why hasn't a dear friend's nasty, abusive ex husband had the decency to crash through a bridge guardrail while he was sending her nasty text messages while driving drunk when so many of us have believed it was inevitable? (And if he did, would the universe contact the police or the insurance company?) Or: where is my: Range Rover, criminally expensive string of horses, French chateau, face/boob lift, book contract??? Because, if you've watched the film, if the expression of the omnipotent power is to open up a more convenient parking spot for my shitbox Toyota Highlander, then to hell with it. I …