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On Making Things, Photographing Things, or Blogging about Making and Photographing Things.

There are people who can do all those things. I don't know how, but they seem to be able to--
Beautifully executed projects that they have artfully photographed throughout the entire process, each step  gorgeously and clearly lit, and techniques are illustrated with the addition of the artisan's hands--healthy cuticles and all.
Sometimes they mention a family. I can only assume that their clean, cheerful children happily play under the table, on the un-filthy floor of the studio, making adorable age-appropriate crafts with the scrap material. Sometimes there are photographs--wispy-haired, sweet creatures blowing dandelion seeds or with their little garnet-lips parted in awe over an exquisite bird's nest. There are no armless Transformer toys or spontaneously shed clothes anywhere!

I keep thinking when I get really good at something, I, too, will photograph the hell out of it.
Trouble is, whenever I start to get good at something, I've got to throw a wrench in it all. I…