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How to have a Happy Hour that's Out of This World!!

CMake checks payable to: Dept. 2 SH, Cocktail Hour Enterprises, St. Louis, MO 63132!

"When Happy Hour talk turns to Astrology, this guide's brief summary wll spark your conversation...and help you know what enthusiasts are talking about. In fact, it will help you have the greatest Happy Hour Party ever!!"

This fabulous kit, and its helpful companion guide, made in Florence, Kentucky, is just a wealth of information! (It is always helpful to know what your guests are talking about! It comes with numerous nuggets of wisdom, such as: "Did you know that every person is said to be born under a "sign of the Zodiac?" the Zodiac is a kind of cosmic calendar..." Ah, the good old days when all this was just pure gibberish to most of us!)

 I mean, who wouldn't want to have a swingin' party with these funsters? My folks used to have groovy "happenings" in the '60's and '70's, too, but I don't remember any clear-complexioned and…

The Carrot, the Stick, and the Damn Buttons 
This dress is far too small... I'll take it: Women waste millions on clothes they'll never slim into as they shed wrong kind of poundsBy Daily Mail Reporter

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  "I don't know if I can sell these," my friend said, walking the white carpet from her second huge walk-in closet and into her first walk-in closet. She was teetering on a pair of truly gorgeous Jimmy Choo snakeskin heels. I wouldn't have been able to sell them either.
   Then again, after the second ankle surgery, her orthopedic surgeon had warned her that if she wanted to avoid further ankle surgeries, she'd ease up on the six inch stilettos. The surgery had been a couple months ago. T…