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Understanding the Collector's Mind

I have never been a "collector." 

Most things that "collectors" fancy--trading cards, figurines of varying cuteness or expensiveness, art of particular eras, war paraphernalia, or whatever (--has never held my interest long enough for me to shell out actual money to obtain in critical mass worthy of being called a "collection."
Also, I never had actual money, either.
But even stuff you can pick up: shells, birds' nests, animal skulls, heart-shaped things, interestingly shaped poo--meh.
Okay--I always thought I wasn't really a collector, until I referred to cleaning my shoe shelves as "curating." 
Several pairs of Prada, one pair of Jimmy Choo slides, Manolo Blahnik pumps, Lanvin sandals, Tod's driving mocs, Gucci boots, Frye boots, Ralph Lauren boots, Hunter boots, Red Wing Boots, Coach heeled loafers, Guiseppe Zanotti pumps, Chanel captoe two-tones, Miu Miu brocade heels.
All found at consignment and thrift stores for under $100. …