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The Fickle Fiends of Fashion-Marc Jacobs

So, I'm finding all this Marc Jacobs stuff at the Goodwill--and I'm buying it like it's going out of style. Which, maybe it is. Because I can't seem to sell it. It usually is impossibly small sizes, including child's size 6, so that's not helping, but I don't understand it: I read about Marc Jacobs brilliant designs. I have heard that people love Marc Jacobs. There are at least 10 people who are NOT models that can wear his strange, twink-ish cuts and severe lines and odd layering.

I'm starting to think maybe Marc Jacobs really mostly loves himself.
But , after all, let's face it: what's not to love?

Look at them! I mean, him! He's so pretty! Okay, him, too! Now, can we get something to wear? Or is that not the point at all?

Okay, so, maybe it's not the point.