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Second Guessing the Inner Introvert and Shop Keeping

I used to think it was a personal, moral failing that, after about three to five days of being around people, I turn into this irritable, snappy, fitful, horrible creature.
     I was told that I was "difficult," "unpredictable," "arrogant," not a "team player." These are nice ways of saying "snappy, fitful, horrible creature."
     I have since been told this is typical, introverted behavior.
     But frankly, I still think of it as a failing.
     Because I've been running my little gallery in Louisville for over a month, now, and I'm truly understanding that regular shop-keepers' hours are not my strong suit. But I somehow think that shouldn't matter. I should do it because other people do it. What's wrong with me that I just can't do it?
     Outwardly, I am boisterous and outgoing; I have made a sort of burlesque art of talking to strangers and scandalous cocktail chat. At least for three to five days…