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Used Shoes

Saturday, July 25, 2009 I've been away from writing--having second thoughts about my abilities as a writer of anything more than magazine articles and press releases. And I've been occupied by a brief moment of heart-rending wrestling with an old friend who wanted a second go round. In the middle of something like that, sometimes it's difficult to remember the difference between what you want and what you want right now. That all this second hand shopping and second thoughts are actually the ends to a means and not the ends themselves. That is, find things of quality that no one else sees; turn it into something uniquely your own; sell dear. Still it's hard to let things go, even when you know you should.

I found a pair of Prada shoes at one of the higher end thrift stores yesterday--the kind of thrift store where wives of retired executives volunteer because it's clean and in a good location and because it benefits abused women--to whom, I suppose, many of the…